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Spain, Portugal & Monaco Combo

8 Nights   3 Hotel

Spain, Portugal & Monaco Combo

Madrid - 1N, Barcelona - 2N, Lisbon - 2N, Porto - 2N, Monte Carlo - 1N

Short & Sweet Portugal

5 Nights   3 Hotel

Short & Sweet Portugal

Lisbon - 2N, Porto - 3N

Best of Portugal

10 Nights   3 Hotel

Best of Portugal

Lisbon - 5N, Porto - 5N

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The green mountains in the north, the desert-like landscape in the Alentejo region and the emerald beaches in the Algarve to the south coast all adds up as the perfect ingredients for an amazing Portuguese get away with your family or friends. Portugal is one of the warmest European countries as its yearly temperature averages are pleasantly moderate. Portugal and its neighbour Spain, along with tiny Gibraltar, forms a peninsula that offers some of the best beach holidays in the world.
The capital city, Lisbon has seen a transformation in recent years owing to the exponential growth in tourism visits every year. Built on the seven hills and by the edge of the Atlantic ocean, Lisbon is one of those rare western European cities that sits facing the ocean. It’s an immensely popular year-round tourist destination. The city stretches from the northern banks of the river Tejo, as it flows into the Atlantic. Lisbon’s main street, the Avenida da Liberdade, is a boulevard lined with beautiful green trees, luxury hotels and high-end shopping zones.
The old districts of Mouraria and Alfama retain their centuries-old charm with their winding cobbled-path alleys, azulejo-covered walls and vintage stores. Going further west you could find the rapidly gentrifying, now unused docks of Alcantara, the home of the exquisite Alcantara leather. There is something for everyone in Portugal. Be it indulging in some shopping, lazing around the silvery beaches or just exploring the traditional heritage and customs of western Europe,, Portugal holiday packages will ensure that the memories of your visit to this great nation are treasured forever.

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