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Expos are a unique way of gathering and sharing the international stage to engage in cultural diplomacy and interact with the host country, its participants, potential tourists, trade partners, investors and global businesses. It acts as a global destination for exhibiting the industrial, scientific, technological achievements of the diverged nations. It gives millions to people the opportunity to share ideas, showcase innovation, boost collaboration and celebrate human creativity with growing technology.  
Dubai, is one of the most innovative county across the globe which has something unique coming up in the year of 2020. Dubai is hosting the “ World Expo 2020” which is going to be a grand affair. This innovative thought and idea is related to an exhibition wherein thousands and lakhs of people gather to participate and explore the depth of tourism, technology and much more. 
Dubai was elected as the country to host the expo in 2020, after it won around 116 votes out of a total of 163 in the 154th General Assembly of the Bureau of International des Expositions. The runner up Russia won only 47 votes.  
Through this expo, Dubai is building its own elegance for multiple reasons including tourism, industrial, scientific and technological achievements of the participating nations, held in various parts of the world, and much more.  Each city has to put forward a wide universal theme that applies to the whole of humanity, to be awarded the right to hold a major expo. 
Dubai, whose theme is ‘Connecting Minds, Creating the Future’ will also have three sub themes which are opportunity, mobility and sustainability. 
This Expo also coincides with the 50th anniversary of UAE in 2021, which would be one the best milestones for UAE. Eventually, the growth of tourism, enhancing development of technology is the foundation of innovating business which is also is one of the benchmarks of 2020 expo. 
Expo 2020 Site The Expo 2020 site is located in Dubai's south district, close to Al Maktoum International Airport and within easy reach of Dubai International Airport, Abu Dhabi International Airport and Dubai and Abu Dhabi Cruise Terminals. The site is spread across an area of 1083 acres. The site will have around 192 pavilions represented by the same number of countries.  How to reach ? It takes approximately forty minutes to reach the site from Dubai downtown.One can also use the Dubai metro. Expo 2020 site will have its own dedicated Dubai metro station on the route 2020 line, with carriages carrying 40,000 passengers per hour to and from the site.
Assets of Dubai Expo 2020 The first, question that pops out about Dubai Expo is what is it different from any other destinations shoppers’s Expo. Well there are lots of assets this expo has which makes it different and stands out. 
To prove this, take Al Wasl Plaza as an example. This will be the centre point of the gigantic celebrations over the six months. Al Wasl means “Connection" and Dubai was know as Al Wasl back in the history because it connects people from various regions. Al Wasl being the heart of the expo will be the gathering point of visitors from 192 countries at the expo. This place will be the place where cultural events will take place. 
The sub-themes of the expo i.e Opportunity, Mobility and Sustainability will also be the three districts of the expo which will be anchored by a pavilion based on the same theme. These pavilions will also be host to various exhibitions/events which would keep the visitor engaged in an entertaining way
Things to do at the Expo 2020 Expo 2020, will have more than enough to surprise you and 1 day is definitely not enough for a visitor to cover everything.  The list does not seem to end with music, food, technology, architecture, entertainment, events etc being all at one place ready to provide you with an unbelievable experience.
Being in the heart of the expo, start your expo tour from the Al Wasl Plaza which showcases interactive and innovative pieces from local and global talents and then visit the pavilions of 192 countries coming in 1 place where you get to see and learn all about their history and culture. 
If this is not enough, the expo will host more than 60 live shows every day which would feature operas, flash mobs, sports events and even national day celebrations. For those people who are way to tech savvy, this expo will be the perfect place to witness new innovations from all over the world which includes robotics, augmented reality and autonomous vehicles. 
After this, if you have thought that Expo 2020 is only for adults, then you are totally wrong. The site also has two parks - Al Forsan and Jubilee to take care of the young visitors
World Cuisines at Expo 2020 Experience some lip smacking cuisines at the Expo 2020 where a visitor will be able to enjoy cuisines from all over the world with different shapes and sizes. The site will have over 200 restaurants and with over 50 different cuisines from the world. The expo will also have cuisines which will suit your budget from cheap street food to haute cuisine. 

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