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Called as Lucky Country by the locals, Australia is as big as the USA in size but has the lowest country population density on earth. Its geography is vivid and stunning at the same time. Mostly arid and flat, Australia’s famed dessert the Outback is home to some of the nation’s best scenery as well as wildlife. Due to the harsher conditions of the arid land, most of the country’s population lives within 20 Kms from the coast facilitating what is now a thriving beach culture. Australia experiences seasons opposite to those in the Northern Hemisphere. Winters are from June to August and summers start from December and goes on till February.
If you are wondering what the best places to visit in Australia are, then this is for you. Australia has a whole lot of things in store for you. From is iconic beaches like Sydney’s Bondi beach to the marvellous Uluru Rock, sightseeing options are endless. Great Barrier Reef, is the largest living thing on earth, and is a must visit place in Australia. Just off the Coast of Queensland, Great Barrier Reef is even visible from outer space. If you are in the mood for a road adventure, take The Great Ocean Road, a picturesque coastal route that also takes through some of the prominent Australian landmarks. A holiday in Sydney is incomplete without a picture by the iconic opera house in Sydney and some crazy fun at the Gold Coast’s Movie world.  Hot air balloon rides to snorkelling in Cairns, Museums and cafes in Melbourne, Wines and Beer there is something for everyone in Australia.
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