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One interesting fact about Vienna is that it sits in two different climate zones. The German name for Vienna is Wien and Austria’s famous dish is the Wiener schnitzel. Vienna has a rich amount of Medieval history and has witnessed a lot of war. One of the best places to see in Vienna is the St.Stephen’s Cathedral which is one of the chief gothic buildings of Europe. Other gothic churches include the church of the Augustinians, the church of Friars Minor, and the church of Maria am Gestade.
The fountain featuring a statue of Pallas Athena, at the main entrance of the parliament building, is one of the best sights in Vienna. The Hofburg or popularly known as the Imperial palace serves as the workplace, the residence and of course the iconic seat of power of the president of Austria. The Schonbrunn palace and gardens is one of the most iconic places in Vienna composing of a mindboggling 1,441 rooms and reflects the beautiful baroque architecture in all its glory.
The Vienna Zoo is one of the oldest and one of the best zoos in Europe. It is also a UNESCO heritage site. Other good places to visit in Vienna are: Vienna city hall-best known for its architecture, The Belvedere palace – encompasses two palaces adorned by Baroque architecture, St.Peter’s chruch, Karlaskirche. For art freaks, the best places in Vienna are The National theatre, The Vienna state opera house, Kunsthistorisches museum to name a few. Overall Vienna is a beautiful place for all kinds of people with different kinds of interests.
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