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New York has a rich history dating back to AD 1524 when Giovanni da Verrazzano, an Italian explorer visited this place. New York is known as the ‘cultural capital of the world’. The vibrant and diverse culture of the city attracts millions of visitors throughout the year. Not to forget New York is also a hub for punk rock and jazz music.  A stroll through the art galleries and museums allows you to soak in the cultural history and traditions of the city.
New York is also perfect for a gastronomic adventure. The mouth-watering and finger licking food is simply irresistible. Cheesecakes, pizzas and bagels are very popular in New York. Apart from the classic New York dishes, you can also indulge in other traditional cuisines which are worth every penny.

New York has a unique cosmopolitan vibe. This is a city that never sleeps. The traffic jams, car honks and endless drumming have an infectious rhythm that would often intrigue you to explore the surrounding.
Be it world class food, fashion or lifestyle, New York has it all. The giant skyscrapers in the city will simply leave you awestruck. Some of the iconic skyscrapers are Empire State Building, Chrysler Building, Freedom Tower, Manhattan Municipal Building and many more. One of the key attractions in New York is Central Park. This beautiful park is a photographer’s paradise. Simply wander around the park, capture scintillating pictures and bask in its calmness.
No matter how many times you visit New York, there is always something new and unique about this city. Wander around the city and you might find a new neighbourhood popping up. Also, there are some of the remarkable shopping centres so you can always pick up something chic to bring back with you.

New York is an impressive city that must be on the bucket list of every traveller. You name it, New York has it. There is so much to do and see in this magical city that you will be left with an irresistible desire to come back again and again.