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The Island of Winds is a major tourist attraction especially during the months of July and August when the prices soar and the crowd is at its biggest. When you visit this marvellous island one of the first things that will strike you is its buildings. The iconic white-washed Buildings with blue door and windows accompanied by bougainvillaea will transport you to heaven. Another iconic landmark of Mykonos is the ancient windmills that look-over the city from on top of a hill.
Narrow cobble-stoned lanes that that separate the whitewashed buildings have quaint cafes and stores selling a myriad of colourful things. Every Greece holiday itinerary includes a visit to the castle situated above the harbour as well as the museums of Archeology, Maritime and Folklore. To see the beauty of Mykonos at its best visit the Alefkantra or what is popularly known as the little Venice.
Other places to visit in Mykonos include the sandy beach of Ftelia where you can immerse yourself in tranquillity. Delos is an important archaeological site and a trip here is worth the visit. To plan a holiday in Mykonos check out our value for money Greece holiday Packages that lets you customize your itinerary and go on a hassle-free holiday.